Annual Report of the Honorary Secretary to the members 2012

In sharp contrast to 2011 (17 completed fixtures), this year was both literally and metaphorically a washout, 7 played.

The sun shone on our first Belvedere College match in 20 years or so (played at Castle Ave., by kind permission, due to a treble booking at Cabra!!). The boys chased our 104/7, in spite of Seán Devilly's 6/33. Belvo's subsequent winning of the School's cup was a nice reward for our trouble.

Our Campbell visit was frostbitten, but a warmhanded H.Coulter (50* & 3/31) helped us to a 78 run win.

Incogniti came to Phoenix for the first time since 1893. We were winning until our Bret Merill (guesting for them) hit 66. Needing 6 off the last over (bowled by the late Grahem Pasley R.I.P.) they managed just 3, a draw which was followed by a port & stilton party, laid on by the great John Harty. Pass the umbrella

The 5 June fixtures were all washed out, the Mullingar one TWICE ! Soul destroying.

The Blacksmiths arrived in July at Anglesea Rd. via Halvo (& Columba’s!) for what turned into a (very) one sided game. Milan did make it to Whitechurch in Aug., but sadly the rain returned ˝ way through our innings. We brought them to Observatory Lane for drinks where they expressed an interest in playing "on their next visit"

Rain also put paid to the Oakhill trip.

The White City & Halverstown games were a tale of two declarations. The former undigested and the latter well gobbled !

Due to a Bollywood movie launch, the Ranji Trophy took place late Sept. In sharp contrast to the launch (it never left dry dock) the match went well, if to form. We came up 16 short(Barry McCarthy 66) of their 223/6. A clash with this fixture resulted in the South-East tour not happening.

Dick Forrest

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